Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Slipknot !!

When we talk about the American heavy metal band Slipknot, what comes to our minds are their identical jump suits, unique masksattention-grabbing image, aggressive music style, and energetic and chaotic live shows. The band's deadly exotic style has acclaimed them to become one of the most popular bands of the late 90s. Their album 'All Hope is Gone' received the top position on the Billboard.

And I believe we can quite relate the band's image to Thom Browne's Mens Fall-Winter 2012 collection. The theme tries to denote a situation wherein 'Punks face off against Jocks'. With low-slung pants, skirts, jackets with spikes, huge shoulders, grotesquely exaggerated musculature, spiked leather masks, the show was quite an entertainment to the audience. And if we talk about the mid-reef baring in menswear then I guess its not something new and designers have been doing that since quite long. The look was sartorial yet raw. Also, the animal print on the pants and jackets kept the sophomore image of the wearers.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hot Heels for SS12

Shoes is all what you need sometimes. A hot pair of them and no one can watch down at your feet just once. And if you are wearing one of those terrifically designed shoes by the acclaimed names in the industry, then you are definitely going to be featured in the trend portals the very next day. For the coming season of spring, whether it be the Michael Kors knee-high Gladiator sandals, or the tattoo-print  boots from Jean paul Gaultier, any of these are worth going gaga over them. How far is Prada from giving away hot heels when instead they have come up with Hot W-heels in their shoes, I hope it does remain fiery all throughout the season. Personally, I heart the Alexander McQueen collection. The architectural touch, the femininity, the soft color palette, the ruffles, and the glossy black leather straps all together have made them so drop-dead gorgeous.
Marc Jacobs, Marni, Michael Kors 
Vera Wang, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace

Prada, Nicholas Kirkwood, Roberto Cavalli, Altuzaara, Charlotte Olampia, Prada 
Balenciaga, Balmain, Gio Diev, Missoni, Diego Dolcini, Versace

Alexander McQueen

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Get Dotted...

How many of us knew that the Polka dots which became common on clothing in the late nineteenth century in Britain, were actually named for the dance of the same name. Well, fascinating isn't it. The fashion was made a lot famous by Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera, who used polka dots on most of her dresses during the late 80s and early 90s.
Polka Dots have really become a must-have this season. Where earlier we used to associate polka dots with Minnie Mouse & Kids wear, today all these fab designers are making them appear on their ensembles & accessories. The trend can be worn in an incredibly chic manner or a casual sports look. Designers have also experimented a little with the shapes of the circles, patterns & colors, making them look definitely eye-catching. Its a classic yet it becomes fad as it really comes & goes often.
fall 2011 RTW David Koma
Rubin Singer, fall 2011 RTW Marc Jacobs, fall 2011 RTW
Diane von Furstenberg
spring 2011 RTW Moschino, spring 2011 RTW MaxMara
resort 2011 Moschino 
fall 2011 RTW Topshop Unique, Iceberg, Michael Kors
resort 2012 Oscar de la Renta, spring 2012 RTW ADAM, resort 2012 Marc by Marc Jacobs
Emma Stone for Elle wearing Stella McCartney Dress & Pumps, Emilio Cavallini Tights.
 Hailey Clauson- Vogue Russia, August 2011 wearing Stella McCartney

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Graffito in SFO

I just got an update from my dearest, who apparently happened to celebrate his New Year holidays in San Francisco. Apart from visiting the famous landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge, & cruising in cable cars, while strolling around the downtown he came across some beautiful scribblings and drawings on the walls of the streets. That street art, which we call Graffiti, was worth stopping by and have a closer look. He captured few of those awe-inspiring drawings on those walls.

Sometimes it is very heartening to see that even today people have this incessant love for ART, that creativity has no bounds, and that some people want to give a social message remaining in anonymity. Really, hats off to all those anonymous artists.
Now, these arts have indeed inspired a lot many, either to change themselves, or the society, or the nation as a whole. Here I would like to mention a few of the innovative designers, like Douglas Hannant, Versus, & Vivienne Westwood, who further supported this art by beautifully rendering them in there collections.

Now since we are talking about art, colors, & fashion, why would MAC, the uber chic cosmetics brand, stay behind. So I came across this enthralling MAC Street Art Eye Shadow.
Well, I wish there should be an award to felicitate all these street artists, because honestly these great pieces of artwork are so full of zeal and passion. These artists have rendered some great inspiring works, even though they'll remain incognitos all throughout there lives, but that is how, I guess, they have chosen to let it be.
Someone has rightly said, "Where there is a will, there is a way."

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Plethora of Pleats

A very Happy New Year to all!
Last weekend, apparently the new year eve, I was just googling for some thing and I dont remember what was it that prompted me to search for Princess Diana's fashion moments. Well, she was not only a beautiful woman but also made fashion statements with utmost grace and charm. She had adorned clothes of many internationally renowned designers viz. Chanel, Versace, Catherine Walker, Christian Lacroix, etc. Her romantic ball-gowns, big shoulder looks, hats, business suits etc were all the rage and imitated by many. She was a fashion icon during the 80s. Here is one stunning picture of hers which definitely held me breath-taken.
Princess Diana
Now this is indeed one of my favorite fashion moments of hers. The floral print blouse complemented with this beautiful pleated midi skirt, the fusion of the emerald green color with orangish red purse, and accessories to the minimal, make her whole outfit chic and look so poised.
As we see on the runway of late, I would rather say the iconic fashion of Princess Diana is back from the 80s creating statement once again with many couturiers embracing the pleated skirts of varied lengths in their collections.
Images courtesy :

Images Courtesy :

A beautiful quote by Princess Diana: "I wear my heart on my sleeve." She was a beautiful woman inside and out and a lady of great warmth, modesty and solicitude.